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  1. You need to agree to the website’s usage, which is consistent with the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the website’s terms and conditions, you may disagree and click on the same.
  1. the eligible person’s age to use the website is thirteen years or more than thirteen. People younger than thirteen years of age are not allowed this website under the law, which is applicable.
  1. The Top10trendslist website does not take responsibility for any advice or comments given on the same. This website will also not endorse any responsibility for any opinion or information that is stated here. You shall be at your own risk if you react to any matter, statement or opinion, may it be any information, opinion, or advice.
  1. It is stated that You will not be posting any hate comment, upload any comments, or post any pictures that will cause other people to harm or hurt their feelings. The statement will include all the abusive language, unlawful language, defamatory, threatening, offensive words. The sharing of pornographic images, sexually indecent images, or speech is strictly prohibited. The usage of any of the above speech or words that will cause harm or hurt anyone’s feeling will be punishable as it is a criminal offense. Hence the comments or the statements should not contain any misleading or false statements. Secondly, it should not be directly referred to any religion, caste, creed, or sex.
  1. The content shared should not contain misleading facts and should not violate any laws. It should not violate the rights of the user or the third party. You should not share any documents that are affected by the virus or any similar thing.
  1. it is said that no trolling will be entertained. Trolling is defined as any words or statements that will hurt anyone’s feelings by your words or comments, or any unnecessary arguments or any inflammatory content. Trolling will also include any posting of comments that would provoke anger or arguments; it will also include bombarding the account with many comments or writing repetitive comments—impersonating as the other person is also included in trolling.
  1. Bullying is not allowed and strictly punishable. The bullying will include all the statements or words that will demean and cause any adverse effect on the website’s visitor. The bullying will also include name-calling, threats, wishing unwell, and posting contrary comments to belittle others. Posting negative comments is strictly not allowed. By negative comments, we mean 1—contrary comments 2. Contrary replies 3—argumentative messages. Everything in excess to defame others is not allowed.
  1. You will represent the warrant and agreement that all the content submitted under your name on the website, and only You will be held responsible. This will include all the information, images, comments, lists, profile information, or any other material.
  1. In addition to all of the content submitted by You will be the property of the Top10trendslist. Therefore Top10trendslist will have all the rights to use it for any purpose or in different media, now or in the future. The definition of use is: save, copy, forward, send, modify, distribute, or incorporate the same in any other works or other advertisements. You irreversibly cancel any such claims or assertions of any rights of moral or any attribution with any respect to the content brought against the Top10trendslist.
  1. Top10trendslist will reserve all the rights and monitor all the posts or materials posted on the website. Top10trendslist will have all rights to revoke the content, which it considers as unethical or inappropriate.
  1. the Top10trendslist will not be responsible for any content, comments, posts, materials, and images posted by You Top10trendslist will have all the rights reserved with itself to cancel or modify all the content against the terms conditions of the website or the government policies. Therefore in repetitive infringement of the activities, the users’ activities or the accounts will be terminated or may limit their access to the website’s usage.
  1. When the hyperlinks are provided, the Top10trendslist will not be held responsible for any content of the third party. Top10trendslist does not review or go through any of the content, products, or services. Therefore, You will be responsible for clicking on any website and any damages caused.
  1. You agree not to attempt the game or any volatile lists. Here does not include voting methods, using money and pleasing others to vote, creating many profiles to vote, or voting for undermining others for personal gain or humorous purposes.
  1. Top10trendslist will reserve all the rights to monitor the voting structure, which is done on its website. The website can filter or discount all the votes that are damaging the integrity of the site. This will include but will not be limited to proxy votes, votes for the ranking for the game. Hence Top10trendslist will have all the rights for the vote’s count to list the rankings at any time.
  1. Top10trendslist will reserve all the rights and reservations to refuse or edit the content, information, or material provided to the Top10trendslist. It is not limited to the titles of the lists, descriptions, comments, and other URLs given on the items list, personal communication through messages between the parties. And operate the same.
  1. The user at the age of thirteen and above is allowed to create his account. Thus, the user below the age of thirteen will not be allowed to create his account.
  1. If the users’ account is revoked or discontinued by the Top10trendslist, they will not be allowed to continue or open the account without the permission of Top10trendslist site holders. When you create your account, you agree to all the terms and conditions and make all the efforts to not allow your account’s hacking by keeping your password and account details secret. You should not provide any false information while creating your account.
  1. You agree not to use other person accounts without the account holder’s permission.
  1. Top10trendslist will hold all rights and permission to cancel the holder’s account who misuse and violates the terms and conditions of its use. It can also limit the use of the website, prevent the user from accessing its accounts, and remove.
  1. the content of the user will go to vote, comment upon, and be ranked by all the visitors. Hence, all the content and the resources to remove the content available on the site the right to remove once it is posted will be the Top10trendslist and cannot be removed on the user request.
  1. The Top10trendslist website will contain a number of the link of the third-party websites, enabling the user to buy, in return of the commission. Top10trendslist itself will solely hold the rights to maximize the profits through different tactics. But it will not include the banners, advertising lists that promote the affiliated parties.
  1. Top10trendslist holds all the right to alter, add, modify, revoke or change any part or whole of the terms and conditions anytime.
  1. If any part of the terms and conditions policy remains or is declared invalid by the law or the court, it will remain ineffective. The remaining portion shall work to the full force, and only the portion that is not valid will remain canceled or eliminated.
  1. Any information provided on the website will adhere to the laws and conditions of that state or country. Therefore, any conflicts arising will be taken up according to the jurisdiction solely of that country or the state where it is working.
  1. With the above rules and regulations and the maximum extensions of the law, we exclude all the representation, warranty, and conditions related to the law and the use of this website. The disclaimer will not include: the liability of the death or the injury to any person, fraud, or fraudulent misrepresentation; liabilities will be limited only as per the law.
  1. since all the personal information is gathered by the website and the data collected that will include your name, address, contact details, email address, your browser, your ISP, the IP address, the number of times you have visited will never be disclosed, sold or rented to any individual inside or outside.
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  1. the Top10trendslist will collect all the personal information and use it for the purpose such as advertisement, commercial affiliations, infrastructure monitoring, managing contacts, sending messages, social features, analytics, contacting the user in case of any work, for interacting with any social users or networks and other platforms, optimization of traffic and distribution,
  1. The commercial affiliation will include iTunes, ShareASale, I infrastructure monitoring, managing contacts. Social features will include all the personal information or the data like name, place, city, country, state, pin code, number, etc.
  1. The will use all the third party ads to support the website. We may also employ the third-party individuals or the companies that will facilitate the services and perform the service-related services that will assist in analyzing the services used. Therefore, the third party will have all the access to the data, personal or otherwise, that will allow performing the tasks on behalf of our website, and this information will not be disclosed. This personal information will not be disclosed.
  1. will not knowingly collect any information for children below the age of 18. Therefore the parent or the guardian should be aware of the personal information and content shared by them. Hence if any information is collected without the parent or the guardian should be brought to our notice.
  1. when there are any changes in the terms and conditions for our policy, you will be notified by the email address given while registering much before the date the policy is enforced. Therefore you are always advised o go through the policy now and then.
  1. There are times when the service providers are appointed as the third party. These third parties have access to your data and all the information required. The third party can use all the information to provide you better services on our behalf and under an obligation not to disclose the same. Information. They cannot even use it for any other purpose other than to provide you better service.